Covent Garden (WC2) Handyman Service

Jon Handyman in London

Being based in Kensington I am a few minutes away from Covent Garden where I love to give my services. I carry all my tools including Cordless Drill and most commonly used materials and I am often available at short notice in Covent Garden and nearby areas.

London Covent Garden Home repair & Handyman

Common tasks I am asked to provide in Covent Garden are:

Hang Paintings


Ikea Furniture Assembly and other brands

Painting and Decorating

Wall Paper

Reapply Silicone in Bathrooms and Kitchens

My services are offered with a clear pricing and there are NO fees for Congestion and NO Fees for parking.

Typical Costumers are:
Private homeowners that need a reliable handyman.

Commercial premises where sometimes I am happy to work overnight or unsocial hours to not impact business. Eg Full renovation working nights.

And Recently the lively London Media Industry where I am happy to bring my services not only as Handyman but also on Set as Supporting Extra or Stuntman.

30 Years  of Experience at your service. Happy to take Super Vision of projects too. Able to train workforce.

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