Mayfair (W1J) Handyman for Commercial Offices or Residential premises


By being based in Kensington I am a few minutes away from Mayfair. Through the years I have helped many costumers in this fashionable area. Tasks I am often asked to perform in Mayfair are:

Office Job: Install TV brackets, writing boards, tables. Repairs. Fitting furniture Eg Desks. Helping moving in. Helping moving out and remedy work to walls. Painting.

Commercial properties: Maintenance. Repairs. Night work so premises can trade regularly during day time: I carry jobs in close liasion with owners/managers so trade in un-impacted.

Residential: Fitting Shelves, repairs. Apply Silicone, Hang Pictures. Fit Projectors.

I offer free estimate for refurbishment projects in Mayfair. I am able to provide a quick reliable and cost effective service. With my partners I am able to offer top luxury finishes with exclusive products imported from abroad.

3o Years of Experience in the construction Industry at your service Any questions please ask with the convenient chat.

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