Mayfair (W1J) Handyman for Commercial Offices or Residential premises

By being based in Kensington I am a few minutes away from Mayfair. Through the years I have helped many costumers in this fashionable area. Tasks I am often asked to perform in Mayfair are:

Office Job: Install TV brackeds, writing boards, tables. Repairs. Fitting furniture Eg Desks. Helping moving in. Helping moving out and remedy work to walls. Painting.

Commercial properties: Maintenance. Repairs. Night work so premises can trade regularly during day time: I carry jobs in close liason with owners/managers so trade in un-impacted.

Residential: Fitting Shelves, repairs. Apply Silicone, hang Pictures. Fit Projectors.

I offer free estimate for refurbshment projects in Mayfair. I am able to provide a quick reliable and cost effective service.

3o Years of Experience in the construction Industry at your service Any questions please ask with the convenient chat.

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